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These unique heating pads use a sodium acetate formula to provide portable and reusable heat. Heat therapy is used to treat a wide array of aches, pains, and/or discomforts . This product is ideal for sore or stiff muscles, arthritis, headaches or migraines, poor circulation, sport related injuries, back problems, cramps, neck injuries, and the list goes on. Anything you've ever used or considered using your electric heating pad for this product can treat and do so more efficiently and is portable. This product uses a natural heat source and is thought by many to be even more effective than traditional heating pads. With the ability to be taken anywhere this product is ideal for those who need heating pad action but do not always have access to electricity; such as hunters, fisherman, campers, scuba divers, etc. Beyond the medicinal and recreational uses this product can be used cosmetically as well. Heat stimulates circulation opens the pores providing a spa like facial. Used by chiropractors, massage therapists, spa owners, and dermatologists; this reusable heating pads with all its many uses is an amazing and innovative product.