FRIDAY, February 14

12:30pm - Chef Eryka Perry - "Not Just Catering" & "Michael's Restaurant"

1:30pm - Lee Pantazis: "Gus's Hot Dogs."

2:30pm - April McClung: "Emily's Heirloom Pound Cakes"


SATURDAY, February 15

11:30am -  Chef Raquel Ervin: "Pan Optic Catering"

12:30pm - Jawanda Sweet Potatoes

1:30pm - Dana from WZZK

2:30pm - Kathleen Phillips: " - Cooking with an air fryer"

3:30pm - Katrina Adams Food Blogger:  "Cooking Made Easy with K/Marie"

4:30pm - Chef Luis Delgado: "Miami Fusion Cafe" 

5:30pm - Chef Wendy Cruse: "EATS Highland"


SUNDAY, February 16

11:30am - Pete Graphos: " Greek Seasonings"

12:30pm - Bright Star Restaurant

1:30pm - Roy Romano: "John's Dressings"

2:30pm - Chef Haller Magee: "Cayo Coco Restaurant"

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